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Periscope is a digital media planning agency which holds the pulse of the rapidly developing digital world and converts big or small budgets to effective investments.

Periscope, founded by Gökhan Selamet in 2010,vendered service more than 140 varied advertiser along with media agencies.

Our Aim
Today, in an age of intense communication message blitz, we aim to give a good perception of the brand while we take as goal to give a good quality service to our clients with a strategy of using our communication experience.
Our Target
We know that the first step to provide a solution is to listen and understand the problem. In order to offer the best results we strive to produce more effective ways. We offer our products to our consumers by solid bases. With your permission, we solve the problem and explain the situation with all digital facilities. In this respect, the longer collaborations with our clients is our main target.

Nasıl Çalışıyoruz?
  • We know the world of communication and marketing. We're in for many years
  • We understand the customer's language. If not, on the basis of needs, we offer convenient service 24/7 on ...
  • We use our work for the customer and the brand, not for agency show.
  • By using marketing information as solution-oriented, we try to have, in line with brand-specific objectives, the perception of creative and innovative tactics for planning and purchase
  • We provide recommendations that can be implemented and measurable results.
  • If it is our customer’s desire, as a solution partner, we may provide a working solution with international agencies and their experienced professionals for a private and boutique service.

WHY Pericope?
  • 1

    We offer our services with the experience we got in advertisers side and international media agencies.

  • 2
    Free of Problems

    You deal with problems every day in your business. That's why we are problem-free.

  • 3

    We aim to increase your sales, your profitability and your brand awareness. We understand the world of business and communication.

  • 4
    Customer Satisfaction

    We care about your priorities to build long-term and close relationship. We know today’s small budgets will grow with our support.

  • 5

    Our success can be seen in the light of your success. That's why we are not working for our profitability, we are working for your profitability.

  • 6
    Exact Equivalent of the Budget

    We give the best service to meet your budget in the quantifiable world of the WEB.

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